STEM or Science II

 On my last blog I wrote regarding the now famous acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). STEM is used to envelop a myriad of disciplines, and it is now becoming a common word. Even STEM curricula are becoming...

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STEM or Science I

Promoting Science to our younger generations is Key. This motto is now repeated throughout the world. Nevertheless,  not everyone is referring to or understanding the same when using this sentence. It is argued that if you say...

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A young scientist

In today’s blog I would like to share with you an insightful experience I had in one of the outreach initiatives I collaborated in the past few weeks. In this particular initiative, I was in a primary school with the Irish...

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Points of Comparison: Hamlet

‘A reader’s interest is often captured by a difficult relationship in a text.’ Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level 2011 B 1. (a) Relationships Q. Write about a difficult relationship in one of the three texts you have studied for...

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Do geniuses need school?

From time to time one hears the idea that geniuses don’t need school. It is a popular myth that sometimes gains new life. The last resurfacing I saw of this myth was with the more and more popular internet memes. I don’t know if...

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