Positive change – so why am I disheartened?

I was reflecting on the state of Irish early education while at the recent Global Gathering of Early Childhood Education. Hosted in Dublin by Early Childhood Ireland and opened by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, the Global Gathering brought together over...

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Many bully victims afraid to reach out for help

The revelation by Clare hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald, in an interview with Miriam O’Callaghan, that he was horribly bullied in school will surprise many. His description of an incident which took place on a bus where bullies pulled the shirt off his back and wrote...

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Working in the Shadow of Disapproval

For thousands of years, the profession of the educator has been held in high esteem.  The job of instilling our children with knowledge while helping to teach them right from wrong is not only essential to the growth of our children intellectually and mentally but it...

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Striking out – a step too far?

The current breakdown in communication between the Government and the public sector will affect far more than the parties involved.   By Amy Haverty, Journalist The Croke Park II deal began as a smart initiative to save money in an economy that had none. Its goal...

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Youth suicide – a partially hidden crisis

The crisis of suicide in schools is to some extent a hidden one. When a suicide occurs, the first instinct of any school or community is to protect the family and the other students in the school. Although understandable, this policy hides from view the shocking...

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