Preparing for a teaching interview

Some teachers, including school leaders, often enquire where they can find that one document that is the ‘fountain of knowledge’, from which they can work when preparing for the interview process. Sad to say there is no definitive ‘golden book’, if only life were so...

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‘Every Step of the Way’

Adults across Ireland can access free, professional, and impartial education/career guidance provided nationally by The Adult Educational Guidance Services.

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How to handle the conflict question in job interviews

‘How do you deal with conflict?’ is a question that comes up regularly in job interviews for teachers, assistant principals, deputy principals and principals. It can really throw a candidate so it is important to be prepared beforehand.

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Typography and Layout

This is the Masthead. Another maybe more correct term is a lead, an opening or leading paragraph to the rest of the article. — By Jeroen Bos he first main paragraph of the article should have a dropcap. The rest of the article should not use...

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