Second Level

Merging Arts and Science

In my last blog I discussed how creativity is becoming an important objective of education. I’ve also referred to the fact  that science and science education are becoming increasingly aware of [...]
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Teachers in Politics

Eamon Dunphy was at it again on the Late Late show recently: ”Our political leaders are well meaning, but totally out of their depth, because many of them happen to [...]
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Your Guidance Counsellor can help

I was delighted to hear the radio ad from the Institute of Guidance Counsellors reminding the public of their availability in their local school to advise parents and students about [...]
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Doomed by our own deeds

The Irish education system is beginning to experience the real implications of the ‘Austerity Programme’ agreed with the ECB/IMF. We are like terrified passengers on a runaway train, heading into [...]
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Points of Comparison: Macbeth, Casablanca

In this article, using a question on Literary Genre from the English Leaving Certificate Higher Level paper 2008, we will compare and contrast Michael Curtiz’s film Casablanca and Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, prescribed texts for [...]
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