Spookiest ever Samhain agus Science Festival announced by DIAS

The annual Samhain agus Science festival organised by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) will take place from Monday 26 October to Wednesday 4 November.

Dr Eucharia Meehan,

Dr Eucharia Meehan, CEO and Registrar of Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS).

Now in its third year, Samhain agus Science brings together researchers from DIAS and around the world for a series of free online events that explore the dark side of science and Celtic civilisation in time for the Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival aims to make the big scientific questions of our time accessible and engaging for a general audience that might not normally be familiar with these topics.

Mysterious and ghostly events at this year’s Samhain agus Science include Black Holes, the Boundaries of Reality, and the Deep Structure of Space and Time.

Black Holes: Monday 26 October at 6pm
Black holes are among the most fascinating objects that our universe harbours. Join Dr Astrid Eichhorn to explore what it is that black holes hide from us behind their event horizon

Close Encounters with the Other Kind: Wednesday 28 October at 2pm
International storyteller and bestselling author Steve Lally will discuss his book Irish Gothic – Fairy Stories from the 32 Counties of Ireland.
Steve will recount the various strange and eerie experiences he had while collecting the fairy stories for the book.

Searching for Dark Matter – A True Story of Things that Go Bump in the Night: Saturday 31 October at 6pm
It is a remarkable claim, but today’s scientists are convinced that everything we have ever observed, stars, planets, ourselves – everything! – constitutes but a small fraction of the Universe. Join Professor Alex Murphy to find out how scientists have come to this conclusion.

Dr Eucharia Meehan, CEO and Registrar of DIAS, said:

“This year’s Samhain agus Science festival is not for the faint-hearted. As DIAS is celebrating our 80th anniversary this year, we have made a special effort to make this the spookiest Samhain agus Science yet. Only those daring enough to find out more about the dark side of science and Celtic civilisation are encouraged to attend.

“Due to Covid-19, all of the Samhain agus Science events will be taking place online, which means that you can experience the eerie atmosphere this year in your own home.

Samhain agus Science is a great way for anyone who is curious about the world and universe around them, particularly younger people, to learn about the work that we do at DIAS and to engage with our research.

“We’re inviting anyone with an interest in science and history to check out the full 2020 programme of events.”

Register for the events here


SOURCE: Materials provided by DIAS
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Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies marks 80 years of discovery





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