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DCU Institute of Education

— by Professor Brian MacCraith,
President, Dublin City University

Prof Brian MacCraith describes the 4-year process of Incorporation that led to the integration in October 2016 of the incorporating institutions inside DCU and the formation of the DCU Institute of Education.

Higher Education in Ireland

— by Mike Feerick,
Founder and CEO of ALISON.COM

Prepare to be shocked by this bold attack on higher education systems. Get online is the mandate and if you retain fond memories of your own ‘campus experience’ you may worry now lest that opportunity will have disappeared for your children. The author promises a disruptive revolution within higher education in Ireland and proffers his own funding solution.

Pádraig Pearse the Educationalist

— by Professor John Coolahan,
Emeritus Professor of Education at Maynooth University

In this immensely rich exposé of Pearse’s engagement with education and with Irish language and culture, Prof John Coolahan portrays the young man’s passionate commitment to his ideals; his intensity of thought, action and advocacy in support of his convictions and his energetic vision for education and for national identity. The author also discusses the continuing relevance of Pearse’s thinking and practice for education today.

Vision for the Irish Language

— by Julian de Spáinn,
Ard-Rúnaí/General Secretary, Conradh na Gaeilge

Julian de Spáinn gives us several good reasons to be confident that the Irish language is thriving both at home and abroad. He is anxious however about the survival of the Gaeltacht, that vital area where Irish has been the spoken language of the community for thousands of years. He also presents a well-thought-out solution to problems sometimes associated with learning Irish within our education system.

The Points Race

— by Catherine O’Connor,
Education Consultant at Trinity College Dublin and Author

In opening up the discussion about the points race, it is important to look at the players and the associated issues. There are many drivers and mixed agendas and a lot of interacting pressures and tensions.