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EUREKA! Stories of Sixty Scientists who changed the World

This new book by S.Ananthanarayanan rollicks us through two millennia of key scientific breakthroughs that changed forever the way we view aspects of our world.

Artificial Intelligence for Educators

Dr Glen Collins sheds light on this bewildering topic and highlights what’s important to know about it.

Job candidate evaluation methods that work

Candidate evaluation methods such as pre-employment assessment, skill testing and interviewing often work best when combined.

€12,000 WIT President’s Scholarships available in five disciplines

The WIT President’s Scholarship programme encourages and rewards inspiring young people who demonstrate a capacity to shape a better society.

Mary Robinson: Ireland needs to be a leader not a “laggard” on climate change

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and leader of the Mary Robinson Climate Justice Foundation, was guest on UCC’s very first Plain Speaking Podcast, with interviewer Eoin Hahessy.

Wonder drug that all schools should prescribe

Exercise is medicine according to Prof Niall Moyna, Head of Health and Human Performance at DCU. He highlights the alarming trends emerging from the analysis of results of the Schools’ Fitness Challenge.

Tutoring in Philosophy: where have all the critical thinkers gone?

Dr Ruud Burke reflects on the challenges and frustrations of tutoring third-level students unprepared for university-level critical thinking.

Catering for Students with Exceptional Ability

Research shows that, without the appropriate supports, exceptionally-able students can lose interest and become disengaged in their learning – leading to academic underachievement.

A whole-school approach to changing the learning environment

Dr Áine Moran describes how a new school in Ireland uses the archetypal images of campfire, watering hole, cave and life to effect pedagogical change.

How can I do a better job interview for teaching roles?

Liam Horan of talks about selling yourself to people who already know you well.

Primary Principals endure “intolerable working conditions”

Angela Dunne delivered the opening statement at an Oireachtas Committee meeting in September 2018.


Evaluating Research Impact

Context, classification, challenges

Research impact matters more and more, both in Ireland and internationally. Impact is equally relevant to basic and applied research, particularly in global missions, and must be defined or classified optimally. This article looks at impact-assessment methods available to organisations and funders, and suggests the best approach for future impact assessment.

Eavan O’Brien