New Book-Covering System will Help Alleviate COVID Fears

A new hygienic and safe book-covering system has been launched for primary and post-primary schools as they seek to re-open safely.

The FILFIX peel-and-seal book covering system OFFERS polypropylene covers that can be wiped clean.

Grace Fitzgerald (age 9) and Kevin Fitzgerald, Director at Declim, with school books covered using FILFIX peel-and-seal covers.

Due to COVID-19, it will now be necessary to clean and sanitise the covers on schoolbooks on a regular basis. Schools preparing to re-open safely will find help in this regard in a new book-covering system designed for the Irish schoolbook market.


After extensive research with teachers and schoolbook-sellers, the FILFIX peel-and-seal book covering system was developed and now offers recyclable polypropylene covers that can be wiped clean.

Speaking about the peel-and-seal system, Kevin Fitzgerald, Director at Declim, said:

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, wipeable schoolbook covers are a necessity. Our peel-and-seal system will help schools and pupils to adhere to the guidelines.

Book Rental

“Most schools now operate a book rental and reading scheme. In many of the schools, members of the parents’ committee cover the books,” Kevin remarks.

“Traditionally, schoolbooks were covered at home, but nowadays books are being covered in school book shops or in the schools. The FILFIX peel-and-seal system is designed to make the task of covering books quick and easy, whether you are covering one book or hundreds.

“Considering that many primary schools have reading schemes where the pupil gets a different book to read each week, these books will need to be wiped after each use.

“For rental schemes, the books will have to be wiped on a more regular basis during the year where they are being shared. The FILFIX peel and seal system offers a hygienic and safe system for pupils and schools and will alleviate some of their concerns as they return to school.”


“We are conscious that where book rental schemes are not an option, parents may wish to cover school books themselves.

“They can purchase a 5m roll of FILFIX schoolbook covering RRP €3.99 and can cover up to 10 books. This can be purchased from school book shops and stationers,” concluded Mr Fitzgerald.

Parents can purchase the covers from their local schoolbook supplier, or online from school bookshops nationwide.

Schools can contact FILFIX directly at


SOURCE: Materials provided by Filfix
Note: Content may be edited for style and length.



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