Keeping ‘The HeadsUp’ after exam results

With Leaving Certificate  students all over the county nervously awaiting the results of their State exams  this Wednesday 13 August there is no doubt some students will get the results they want while some maybe disappointed.  At this difficult time support and good advise is essential.  One organisation rising to the challenge of supporting students is HeadsUp.  They are  reminding students to keep calm and  remember that the exams are only one element in pursuing a particular career. To  assist students during this stressful time Headsup will host an interactive  webcast, titled “Life After Secondary School”, this Friday August 15th at 2pm  for those looking for advice following their Leaving Certificate results and the  options now available to them.

Collette Ryan,  HeadsUp Project Manager, says, “In the days leading up to the results, students  can become quite anxious but it is important that they and their families  remember that the Leaving Certificate is only one avenue to further education or  employment. There are many reasons for feeling anxious such as wanting to get  the right results that reflect the work they put in, wanting to get similar  results to their friends, a fear of failure, and the uncertainty of having  chosen the right course.

HeadsUp is urging  all students to look after their mental health and well-being before and after  receiving their exam results with the help of the online HeadsUp ‘Exams Results  Corner’. Available on the HeadsUp website – – it offers helpful advice and  tips on how to manage anxiety and stress in the lead-up to the results,  including:

  • Looking after  yourself and putting time aside for relaxation
  • Doing exercise
  • Talking to friends who may be feeling the same
  • Expressing your  feelings in alternative ways like writing or art
  • Realising your  expectations and addressing the unrealistic expectations of others can offer  huge relief
  • Consulting a GP  if the stress of it all is impacting negatively on our daily life and  activities

Those wishing to take part in the interactive webcast  can submit their questions in advance by emailing . Live questions will also be taken from registered  participants during the session.

For further  information on all HeadsUp support services log onto

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