Education really matters

Have you ever thought for a minute about the way we are teaching our children in school today? Do you think it needs an overhaul?

Sir Ken Robinson has devoted his life to finding a better way to brainstorm the culture of education and this short video is, if nothing else, enlightening.

Please take the time to watch it … we all have a role to play in how the future generations receive education … Parents, teachers, policy makers.

Our children are our future and at the very least we should be confident they will become smarter as they exit the school system…not the opposite.

Considering we are still using the same model of teaching since the days of the enlightenment, I think It is certainly time to make a change. Don’t you?

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

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This important educational resource is available & accessible to download free. Delighted to give visibility to the @artscouncil_ie Artist in Residence programme @ATU @ATUMEarlychild in the Early Childhood Education &Care section @edmatters @NUIMerrionSq @SimonHarrisTD

@Froebelbanjo @TheAtlantic @dcediy @ChildRightsIRL Read article with interest last night. Important to differentiate between private equity & private provider. Important not to conflate the two. Article mentions funding accountability, which @dcediy is very good at. 100% advocate for a child-rights approach + Educator prof pay

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