Sean Cottrell

ICT as a foundation for future learning

At a recent Science Foundation Ireland forum on how science and industry can work together for economic recovery, Mark Little, the former RTÉ broadcaster and now a social media entrepreneur, told an interesting story that captured how children have grasped...

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Conference 2012 – a worthwhile exercise

Last month’s IPPN conference was a huge success, drawing together more than 1,100 primary school leaders and renowned educationalists for a three-day symposium on how the role of principal has such a major impact in improving education outcomes for the children in our...

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The role of parents in primary education

Considering the critical role parents play in the education of their children, and how that role is underpinned by the constitution, parents collectively have had relatively little influence in shaping primary education. For decades, principals and teachers have been...

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Budget rips heart out of rural Ireland

Last month, RTE’s Six One news carried the happy and heart-warming story of Coolderry hurlers returning with the Leinster club hurling trophy to the cradle of their hurling civilization - their local national school - where they were welcomed tumultuously by...

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Budget 2012 – Death by 1,000 cuts

The impact of Budget 2012 is still being digested. While the initial reaction was one of ‘it could have been worse’, on further examination it is clear that this budget is detrimental to many schools. The combined impact of reduced capitation, scrapping of...

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