COVID-19 and virus science

Science writer SAnanthanarayanan explains in simple terms what COVID-19 is, how it affects the body, and how it is detected. 

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Book Review: Zombies and Calculus

In his book Zombies and Calculus, Colin Adams, author, humorist and professor of mathematics, brings out the excitement and versatility of Calculus – the science of how quantities that depend on each other change as one or more of them changes.

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All it takes is a dash of math

The book deals with mysteries that bring different clients to private eye pair Fred and Pete and each episode is solved with a lesson in elementary math.

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100 years of Relativity

Just over 100 years ago, in November 1915, Albert Einstein presented his new formulation of space, time and gravity.

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Bridging the gap

Frontiers of science need to connect with the school system, says S.Ananthanarayanan. India has a large challenge of providing bare literacy to vast numbers. Even so, there is a case for making science education in schools more real and accessible. Connecting the...

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