Diogo Gomes

Why do we want to teach science?

In previous blogs that I have written for Education Matters, I have emphasized the economic importance now given to science. In Ireland, this is revealed by the investment made in attracting science [...]
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A young scientist

In today’s blog I would like to share with you an insightful experience I had in one of the outreach initiatives I collaborated in the past few weeks. In this [...]
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Do geniuses need school?

From time to time one hears the idea that geniuses don’t need school. It is a popular myth that sometimes gains new life. The last resurfacing I saw of this [...]
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Are we all makers?

Back from the bank holiday weekend, first of all I have to say that St Patrick’s in Ireland is really something special, what a great party it is. And this [...]
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Merging Arts and Science

In my last blog I discussed how creativity is becoming an important objective of education. I’ve also referred to the fact  that science and science education are becoming increasingly aware of [...]
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Creativity in Science education

Creativity has become an important goal for science education in the last decades. Traditionally science and math education dismissed creativity. It was stated that creative thinking was secondary to the [...]
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Science Outreach, coercion?

  The idea for today’s blog came from the wonderfully dangerous (for a post-graduate student) world of social media. One of these days, on one of my procrastinating activities, I [...]
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