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2909, 2016

Will two unions succeed where one might have failed?

By |

The interests of the Republic must trump that of the two unions still holding out against the Lansdowne Road agreement.

2609, 2016

ASTI left isolated as Gardaí cut deal with Government

By |

Many young teachers working in voluntary secondary schools have, in the past few weeks, applied for membership of the TUI.

1706, 2016

Decisions being rolled out daily by Minister

By |

The inter regnum in policy decisions in Irish education is over as Minister Bruton rolls out decisions on a daily basis.



1503, 2016

A brave new world of technology-enhanced learning

By |

A new ambitious collaborative project, coordinated by DCU academic Gabriel-Miro Muntean, will be launched this month with a budget of €6.5m.

102, 2016

DCU pioneers new Lego® Education Innovation Studio (LEIS)

By |

New visionary Studio at DCU Institute of Education will help student teachers and schools develop creative approaches to teaching STEM subjects.



1602, 2016

100 years of Relativity

By |

Just over 100 years ago, in November 1915, Albert Einstein presented his new formulation of space, time and gravity.

1602, 2016

What subjects to pick for the Leaving Cert?

By |

At this time of year, the country’s 15-17 year olds are facing the fear of making ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices that will open or close doors for the rest of their lives. Or so they are led to believe...

1701, 2016

Why do we teach science? The utilitarian argument

By |

Utilitarianism is defined as a system of ethics according to which the right or wrong of an action should be judged by its consequences.



106, 2016

Groundbreaking new stem cell research at NUI Galway

By |

Biomedical Researchers have developed the first in Ireland synchronised beating heart cells from human pluripotent stem (iPS) cells made from skin biopsy.

1304, 2016

SFI and Pfizer collaborate to fund research for new therapies

By |

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Pfizer are working together to support researchers in Ireland in finding potential new therapies for patients with unmet needs.

1104, 2016

New study on early memory loss launched

By |

Researchers at the new Nutrition Research Centre Ireland in WIT are to examine the effects of a nutritional supplement on people with early memory problems.



1409, 2016

Apply now for Postgraduate Certificate in TEFL at NUI Galway

By |

Closing date for applications for the NUI Galway Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is less than two weeks away.

1309, 2016

New one-stop hub for Further Education & Training Courses

By |

Over 4,000 Further Education and Training courses can now be found in one place – on fetchcourses.ie

206, 2016

New Advanced Transitions Programme for older adults at DCU

By |

This unique programme at DCU supports planning for continued ‘life with purpose’.



1001, 2017

Book Review: Zombies and Calculus

By |

Book Title: Zombies and Calculus Author: Colin Adams Publisher: Princeton University Press Pages: 240 Paperback | 2016 | ISBN: 9780691173207 [...]

2809, 2016

Review of ‘Education Matters Yearbook 2015-2016’

By |

This Education Matters volume strongly suggests that we should ignore the “background noise” and target a system which we feel is true to the values and principles of holistic and expansive student learning.

1303, 2016

All it takes is a dash of math

By |

The book deals with mysteries that bring different clients to private eye pair Fred and Pete and each episode is solved with a lesson in elementary math.